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Data Description: This data set is all closed Citizen Complaint Authority (CCA) complaints that have been received in the past five years. This data set contains complaints that are processed, investigated and closed by CCA. It includes data such as the type of event reported, date and time of incident, officer and citizen demographics, and allegation investigated.
Data Creation: This data is created when a citizen files a complaint against a Cincinnati Police officer.
Data Created By: The source of this data is the Citizen Complaint Authority (CCA).
Refresh Frequency: This data is updated daily.
Data Dictionary: A data dictionary providing definitions of columns and attributes is available as an attachment to this dataset.
Processing: The City of Cincinnati is committed to providing the most granular and accurate data possible. In that pursuit the Office of Performance and Data Analytics facilitates standard processing to most raw data prior to publication. Processing includes but is not limited: address verification, geocoding, decoding attributes, and addition of administrative areas (i.e. Census, neighborhoods, police districts, etc.).
Data Usage: For directions on downloading and using open data please visit our How-to Guide:
Disclaimer: The attribute unique case identifier is the ID for one incident. One incident can contain multiple allegations and involve multiple officers and citizens. 2. Geo location information is not provided for incidents that are not CAGIS verified addresses or if the incident occurs at the residence of a complainant. This is done to protect the individual's privacy
In compliance with privacy laws, all Public Safety datasets are anonymized and appropriately redacted prior to publication on the City of Cincinnati’s Open Data Portal. This means that for all public safety datasets: (1) the last two digits of all addresses have been replaced with “XX,” and in cases where there is a single digit street address, the entire address number is replaced with "X"; and (2) Latitude and Longitude have been randomly skewed to represent values within the same block area (but not the exact location) of the incident.

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